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Tree Trimming Dallas

Tree Trimming

Trees are essential, and it’s required to take special care of them so they stay healthy, thrive in their shared environment, and bring life to your property for many years. For that reason, we reccommend regular tree trimming to prevent potential problems in the future.

Specialized Tree Trimming is very important to tree service and overall health of your tree. Our Certified Arborists ready to identify the pruning needs of any tree.

Whether a young tree, or a more estabilished tree, pruning helps to establish a beneficial limb structure and allows more light to pass through. Therefore, your tree to grow in a way that prolongs its lifespan and mitigate future damage.

Tree Removal Dallas

Tree Removal

Have you ever wondered how trees are removed properly? It all starts up in the very top of the tree. Staff members climb up and start dislodging tree limbs. Bigger limbs are thinned into smaller sizes and lowered to the ground with ropes for safety. Small branches are also taken from the canopy edges and back to the main trunk. When the tree trunk is all that is left, the staff then begins taking out small sections of the trunk until it becomes very short. Then it is cut as low as possible which is usually only a few inches above grade. At that point Certified Arborists, can discuss stump grinding options with you based on the trunk size.

Tree removal requires training and experience. When rigging ropes, we attach to the climber’s harness. Rigging makes the removal process safe for our staff as well as the public. Our certified arborists are able to take down trees of any shape or size – be it an big tree in a small area, over a roof, over a swimming pool, or just in an open yard. Our experienced staff can carefully remove mosts trees in almost any location.

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Tree Stump Removal

Many times, stumps left behind after removal need to be addressed because they are not nice to look at, especially when attached to any running roots. Stump removal deters insect activity,and provides room for new landscaping.

Our staff is happy to help with any unwanted stumps on property. Stump grinding is a common way to complete the tree removal process. Our staff is able to safely use our specialized equipment to effectively remove any stump, including exposed roots. Once a tree stump is removed in any area, no additional tree can be planted in its place.

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Brush Clearing Services

Whether a new home site or a home with abundant acreage, brush clearing is necessary. Any time there are numerous trees or plants present, twigs, leaves, branches and other debris will need to be cleared.
When you choose TRG Tree Service for brush clearing in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Carrollton and other surrounding areas, you will be able to enjoy a clean property.

First, we put together a plan and then we use our top of the line machinery to clear your property from unwanted brush or debris.

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We are professional arborists, here to solve your tree service needs whether you need simple tree trimming or more complex services such as stump removal. Our goal is always to provide reliable, convenient service that you can trust.

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Tree Service Dallas

Tree removal can leave a big mess! TRG Tree Service provides debris haul off with all tree removals. We can also leave some left behind at your request. In addition, TRG Tree Service is completely insured and bonded, so you can relax while we take care of all of your tree removal.

We have top of the line stump grinders at TRG. After grinding, you will be left with a large mulch pile where the stump once was. The mulch can be left there to backfill the hole that was left, or for use in landscaping.We can haul away mulch for an additional fee. If your stump is located in a location that will not allow removal, our Certified Arborists will determine other methods for stump removal.

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