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TRG Tree Service Melbourne is proud to deliver competitive prices on residential and commercial tree services.

TRG Tree Service in Melbourne’s top priority is to preserve an excellent reputation by offering the best customer service possible. We respect high professionalism and employ people who are outstanding in what they do because our company’s credibility is still valuable to us. We put a premium on providing excellent service to all of our clients while still keeping our fees low.

Tree Service Melbourne professionals are well-cared for. Because of their high standards of professionalism, confidence, expertise, and promptness on every job, they are fairly compensated. TRG Tree Service Dallas Tx clients are primarily served by tree experts.

We complete each job in a reasonable amount of time using high-quality machinery and equipment. We also clean and maintain our equipment on a regular basis. We can handle small jobs like stump grinding as well as larger jobs like terrain removal.

We still go above and beyond for our customers. If a client is uncomfortable with having large equipment in their house, we will make our employees put on a safety belt and climb up the tree if necessary. Whenever a job is in progress, we normally have several team members on hand to assist with cleanup and, if necessary, to direct traffic in order to maintain security in the region.

TRG of Tree Service in Melbourne, keeps a mulcher on hand for overgrown branches and limbs that fall off your tree. When the job is done, we’ll clean up thoroughly, leaving just your stump behind.

As a result, we are prepared to perform any tree services that you can need. Simply send us a call or fill out our “free instant quote” form, and we will contact you shortly.

What to Expect from TRG Tree Service Melbourne

Well for starters, we clean up afterwards, we make a point to leave every customers yard the way we found it, minus some trees or tree stumps of course. TRG Melbourne Tree Service makes every attempt to achieve different objectives on the jobs that the majority of us complete. We strive for beautiful surroundings, disease-free trees, and frequent customers who are fully happy with our tree services. These goals will aid us in achieving excellent results in the DFW region.

When it comes to your trees, we treat them as if they were our own. When most of us arrive at a new job site, we turn the area into a completely new environment, complete with new situations.

TRG Melbourne Tree Service is concerned about the environment.

Everyone at Melbourne Tree Service Company is worried about the climate. Don’t worry, your home will not be mishandled by us. Throughout the course of our work, we ensure that any harm to your home is repaired.

Our tree support specialists have extensive experience in the area of tree services. The Tree Service Melbourne Professionals have the most up-to-date equipment to give your trees and shrubs the attention they deserve.

We will visit your property and evaluate the state of your trees as well as the surrounding landscaping during the initial inspection. Since our goal is to provide outstanding customer service, we welcome questions from you, particularly at the beginning of the evaluation process. As a Melbourne tree service company, we also place a premium on protection for your convenience.

TRG Tree Service Makes a Promise to You

We use the most efficient maintained machinery for any job undertaking since Melbourne Tree Service can take care of all your tree service issues. As a result, you should expect nothing but the best.

TRG Tree Service in Melbourne understands that any job, big or small, has a price tag. As a result, we assign the same level of job satisfaction to all jobs, large or small. We’ll assess your home and decide whether or not there are any major danger areas. In such high-risk areas, we will use heavy equipment to expedite the project that is currently underway.

TRG Tree Service serves the surrounding areas of Melbourne.

Tree removal, stump grinding, tree cutting, stump removal, and brush removal are among the services we provide. We only cut down one tree at a time and use a specific procedure to ensure that all of your questions are addressed.

Melbourne Tree Service will spend some time with our client, conduct analyses, and determine the best course of action. After that, we estimate a fair price for the project and make a timeline plan.

Enable arborists to handle your tree service

Tree Trimming

Trees are necessary, and careful care must be taken to ensure that they remain safe, prosper in their shared environment, and provide life to your property for many years. As a result, we recommend that tree trimming be done on a regular basis to avoid future issues.

The importance of specialized tree trimming to Melbourne tree service and the overall health of your tree cannot be overstated. Our arborists are ready to assess every tree’s pruning requirements.

Pruning helps to create a beneficial limb structure and allows more light to pass through, whether the tree is young or established. As a result, your tree should grow in a way that extends its life and reduces potential harm.

Tree Removal

Have you ever considered how trees are properly removed? All begins at the very top of the tree. Staff members scale the tree and begin dislodging branches. For protection, larger limbs are thinned down to smaller sizes and lowered to the ground with ropes. Small branches are snipped from the canopy’s edges and returned to the main trunk. When only the tree trunk remains, the staff starts removing small parts of the trunk until it is very short. Then it’s cut as low as possible, normally just a few inches above ground level. Certified Arborists will then talk to you about stump grinding choices depending on the trunk size.

Tree removal necessitates education and experience. We tie ropes to the climber’s harness while rigging them. Rigging ensures the safety of both our employees and the general public throughout the removal process. Our certified arborists may remove trees of any shape or size, whether they are large trees in a small space, trees growing over a roof, trees growing over a swimming pool, or trees growing in an open yard. Most trees can be carefully removed by our professional workers in almost any area.

Tree removal can be a huge hassle! Both tree removals by TRG Tree Service include debris removal. On your request, we can also leave some behind.

TRG Tree Service Melbourne is also fully insured and bonded, so you can sit back and relax while we handle all of your tree removal needs.

tree removal, climbing, tree laying on the ground after being cut down
tree stump, a stump freshly cut, tree stump removal

Tree Stump Removal

Stumps left behind after removal are often discussed because they are unsightly, particularly if they are attached to any running roots. Stump removal discourages insect activity while also making room for new landscaping.

Any stumps on your land that you don’t want are welcome to be removed by our team. Stump grinding is a popular method of completing tree removal. Our team can safely extract any stump, including exposed roots, with the help of our specialized equipment. In any area where a tree stump has been removed, no new trees can be planted in its place.

At TRG, we have top-of-the-line stump grinders. After the stump has been ground, you will be left with a big mulch pile in its place. The mulch may be used in landscaping or left to backfill the hole that was left.

For an extra charge, we will remove mulch. If your stump is in an inaccessible spot, our Melbourne Arborists will devise alternative stump removal strategies.

Land Clearing

TRG excels at clearing property.
Land clearing is beneficial for safety reasons. It helps to avoid disease outbreaks, reduces the risk of burning, improves landscaping, and increases the value of the property. We also remove the garbage, clean up the job site, and get the real estate ready for construction.

It’s time to remove a tree or trees if they’re posing a safety risk to your family, properties, or landscaping. When a tree has to be cut, it’s common for it to acquire diseases that cause the tree to rot faster and pose a risk of the limbs dropping. Do you have a shortage of real estate space right now? Do you want to grow your company or clear out your premises because there are so many trees around your property or office? Do you need to make way for property extension? New buildings or structures? A shed? Or firebreaks? Fire safety, fire trails?
We also have access to heavy equipment, dozers and excavators for heavy block clearing works.

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